Everyone needs to paint their home's exterior to keep their home from failing from the inevitable rainy weather we come into contact with on a day-to-day basis, so come to us where we go above and beyond the call to work and do everything to work side by side with you to add protection, curb appeal and value to your home with the *Best possible price*. 

Protect Your home

No matter what surface your home is, paint eventually decreases its effectiveness in protecting your home and therefore allows all 9 months of rainy Washington weather, insects, with sunlight comes bleaching of your exterior siding, and other unideal natural occurrences to take a toll on your home. Not to mention protecting the things that can cause serious damage like water leakage with immediate attention using high grade caulk. Walls, wood and metal each have their drawbacks when there lacks a protective coat like paint. Metal rusts and corrodes, wood warps and scratches and walls chip and crack after 5 - 10 years of a good quality paint job. With our recommended paint that we hand pick for your specific home, we can help it last upwards of 15 years while taking the additional time. 

Add value to sell quickly

The first thing buyers look at when touring a potential home is the aesthetics. An outdated looking home will never match the aesthetic pleasure that a freshly painted home with great color selections.

You would be surprised at how many thousands of dollars more you could sell your home for when sealing up small cracks and have a great paint job with the right colors to hide small details that could cost you. Tac on with filling of dents and holes and your home is instantly valued at a higher price.

Exterior protects your Interior

Insects affect more than just your homes exterior, and without proper maintenance your home is exposed to termites and other insects that will make a home of their own if given the chance. Protect your home from these invaders by hiring a professional company to caulk, seal, paint and protect the exterior to help keep your interior safe.

Add curb appeal and better aesthetics instantly!

The exterior is what everyone sees first, so you want to make a good impression as it will pay off. Whether you want to bring up the appeal to match the rest of the neighborhood or to satisfy your own wants, there are many things that can be fixed with a quick pressure wash and if that hasn't fully completed the job, two fresh coats of paint is sure to hide any obvious issues or mistakes from previous workers.

Increase the lifespan of siding

As the average paint normally lasts 3-7 years, with proper maintenance your siding can last 20-40 years without being replaced. If, however, your home is neglected well past the recommended date and you see noticeable signs of paint failure such as peeling paint or cracks, you shouldn't wait. Waiting too long can ruin your chance of repainting and cost your triple the amount to paint! Investing in a fee of professional painting gives long-lasting results that keep your siding in tact to prevent a disastrous cost of replacing your whole exterior.